Thursday, September 26th- Song of the Week


Don’t give up. I needed this. Did you?


Monday, September 9th- Preachin’ to the Choir


I had the chance to hang out with my younger sister the other night. {During a run for blizzards… C’mon you can’t resist Buy one get one for 99 cents}


During our car ride conversation, we traversed many different topics. And we finally got to one about body image.  I forget what led us there but I’m glad it did.

Cause my little sister admitted to me, after saying she didn’t want me to get upset, that she has, at one point thought she was fat.


My little sister is almost 13, active, athletic and healthy. And the thought that she is not enough, that her body is less than what it needs to be to be beautiful has already entered her mind.


Figuring I knew how this thought had entered her head, I ventured to ask, “Have you thought that you’re fat because you’ve seen and heard mom and Kat and I all talk at some point about losing weight but you think we look beautiful just the way we are?” And my little sister agreed to my question.


You see, women in my family have a pretty healthy outlook. We’ve had to work on them. And I know we’ve all struggled with body image.  But sometimes, we forget that others are watching. Sometimes, we forget that our view of ourselves might, just might, teach someone else how to view their body.


Why I’m glad this conversation happened though was that I was able to tell little sis this: “You are beautiful. You are healthy. You don’t need to be worrying about anything. That doesn’t mean there isn’t ways to get healthier. But don’t worry about getting to perfection.  Just worry about you being you.”


{or something along those lines}


But the thing was, she wasn’t the only one who needed to hear that. I did.

I’ve been feeling less motivated, less inclined to take care of my health. Just been a rough couple of weeks. But I was letting that also take a toll on how I viewed myself, as if I wasn’t good enough.


And I have to remember— perfection isn’t the goal.  Striving to do my best is the goal. And yes, I should always strive to be better than yesterday. But sometimes, my best is me realizing that I really need sleep, so going to bed at 8:30 is the best thing for me.

I found this and fell in love with the picture:

Is there something that you love about yourself? Something that makes you, you?

Monday, September 2nd: The Cha-Cha


So, I’ve been kinda quiet on here the last week-ish.

Quite honestly? My motivation for working out was simply lacking this week.

I did though see the week as a chance to work on my eating though and even with a night at the Melting Pot and another night that included pasta, wine and a caramel apple… I actually did pretty good!  Not to be too pushy, but I do have to thank Herbalife shakes for helping me watch how it eat!


I was able to get in a small workout everyday, even if it was a short walk over lunch or doing lunges and squats with my niece.


I’m working on my mentality. I have a pretty pessimistic/ realist mindset. Positivity is not my strength.


I found the below picture and it jumped at me. What I see as a set back or a negative day could actually be a blessing or a positive day actually.



While I was beating myself up about not getting in any heart pumping, challenging workouts, I was able to still change my life this past week, in working on my eating habits.


And I think I deserve to do a cha-cha for that.

Wednesday, August 28th- Just One Reason


So, as you know, one of the reasons for starting this blog is to show my life with Herbalife.
I’ve been working on being an active Independent Herbalife Distributor. But I’m trying to find a way that I’m comfortable with while still going outside my comfort zone.

And it’s been a pretty good 6 weeks. I feel like I’m already helping people care more about their health (which is my real goal).

However, there is a part of me that every once in a while wonders, is this really worth it? With as many things out there nowadays, what will make people want to use Herbalife? Am I really the right person to sell Herbalife? What if this doesn’t work?

However, I always come back to that fact that I have to try.

Because I do believe in the product and most importantly, I want to help people improve their lives.

I have to hold onto that in all the middle of all the doubts that try to cloud my goal.

Don’t let your doubts keep you from your goals. Keep you mind focused on the one reason you will succeed.

Friday, August 23rd- 4 Weeks Are Up


So it’s the end of the 4 week challenge I posted. For those of you who don’t know or remember, I said I was going to do 2 Herbalife shakes a day, 5 days of working out a week and 1 splurge day. So before we get to the before and after pics let’s talk about those.


Did I complete the three stated goals? No. However, toward the end I did get very on track. And I could play the what if game all day. “What if I had done really really well, what differences would I have seen? What if…” The list could keep growing.


I think part of the point of the this journey for me was to ask myself if my fit goals are really what I want (answer is yes), find the motivation for them, but also to remind myself that I am human. And I’m not one of those humans who can cut out every bad thing for myself right away and run 15 miles.


I have good days, I have bad days.


I have days where working out is all I want to do and I have days where the couch and I are the closest, bestest friends (really, you can ask it).


I have “mmm, I love all this healthy food” days and “screw this, I want a hamburger and and pizza and all the bread and ice cream” days.


I’m going to post the pictures. I was thinking I would ask if anybody saw any differences. I’m not. Cause (not to be rude) it really only matters what I think. It’s my body. And quite honestly— I feel so much better than when I started this 4 weeks ago. The Herbalife shakes have become a go to for a meal (even after this challenge) because quite honestly? They’re really yummy and nutritious. I am really motivated again in working out and trying to push myself. And as for splurging… I dunno. I’ve actually cut out some foods for the next 4 months and haven’t craved them at all since setting that last Sunday. We’ll see.


Okay, I digressed. Pics.



Left is before, right is after. You make your own call.


I feel like there’s a difference. It could just be me trying to prove that I did something.


So let me tell you something the pictures won’t be able to. My eating is already better, I feel like my jeans are fitting a little better and I’m working on my fitness. That has been my real progress this month.

I hope you have a great Friday!

Tuesday, August 20th- No End Point


So, getting back from Nicaragua. That was rough.

A few months after coming home…. something clicked. I really can’t even pinpoint a time or a day or a moment.

I just know at some point, I decided I needed to change. So, I did. Slowly.

I started cutting out my (yet again) Starbucks habit and going to the gym near my work over lunch.

I wish I could say I remember ever pound coming off, every time I realized I was changing, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

I really don’t.

I just know that, over time, I began to eat healthier and working out became my release. I became a gym rat and loved it. I enjoyed trying to come up with healthier food items to whip up in the kitchen that I enjoyed.

And that’s pretty much been the story for the last 3 or 4 years. Just continuing to work at a healthy lifestyle.

I think that’s the point of my story. It wasn’t a 3 month process where I threw out everything bad and worked out 3 hours a day. It was slow changes over time. And some of those changes have stuck. And some have been replaced with new changes.

But those changes, those day-to-day choices, have brought me to where I am today.

There have been definite ups and downs, as there are in any part of life. However, it’s life. It keeps going and I keep going with it, adapting to the new things that come my way.

If you’re the curious type, I’ll spell out some ways I’ve changed. I now weigh about 15 lbs less than when I came back from Nicaragua. My eating habits have changed DRASTICALLY (ask my family- I told my dad that I’m giving up ice cream for the next 4 months, asked if he was surprised. His response? “Actually I am!” that’s how much I love/ have loved sweets). I enjoy a hard workout now (back in high school/ college, I dreaded them) however, I’ve also learned to love my body no matter where it is. In the beginning, I was doing this out of discontent. At some point, I realized I had to love myself no matter what size or weight I was.  I feel more confident, not because of the weight loss, but because I’ve shown myself that I can do what I set my mind to.

So, there it is, the continuation of my story. Cause it’s not done. And it never will be. I want to have a fit life, not just an end point I’m going towards. Cause what is after that? Giving up? Starting over?

If there’s no end point, all I can do is keep going and trying harder.

So, now some more recent photos- all of them have been taken in the past year at some point.

2013-04-13 13.25.01 2013-03-12 22.28.49 2013-06-16 08.24.44 164683_10200683464836383_1044278485_n

Monday, August 19th- Let’s Take a Walk


So, when I first made this blog, a friend asked if I was going to be sharing my whole story, not just the tidbit I mentioned in the very first post.

So, let’s take a walk. It’ll be from Colorado to Nicaragua and back so hope you’ve got some time.

In high school, I had the blessing of playing soccer and having my metabolism still working well. I had body issues like most girls did but, when I look back on it now, I was at a healthy weight and shouldn’t have worried.

However, even while my body weight was fine, my eating habits SUCKED. Almost every day my senior year, I would have a honey bun for a morning snack and a bag of Cheetos and Mountain Dew for my afternoon snack.

While in college, my activity level fell while my eating increased. I also acquired a Starbucks addiction which was to keep up my energy with coffee/ mainly sugar. I tried off and on to lose some weight; however, I always ate back any calories I burned. I remember working out with a friend for an hour and a half and then looking at each other and saying “okay, lets go out to lunch.”

Late nights and early mornings paired with no consistent workouts added up to a 15-20 lb gain by the fall of 2008.

That was when I headed to Nicaragua.

I figured, “this is it. I can change my habits down there, we won’t be surrounded by all the same food as I’m surrounded by here and we’ll probably be walking more!”

If only I knew…

We had a pizza place, ice cream parlor, chinese restaurant… all within a 5 minute walk. Not to mention the multiple tiendas/ pulperias (with sodas, cookies and candies) and the restaurants outside that 5 minute walk. Which included a donut shop and frozen coffee shop. That was a 10 minute walk.

And then you realize that the food down there is even better than any of the food in the restaurants.

I loved eating down there.

And while we walked most places, that basically just burned the extra calories I ingested. I even joined a gym the last few months I was down there and tried running off and on.

I came back no lighter, if anything, maybe a couple pounds heavier. And a few months after being home, something clicked and I realized I needed to change some things….

Dun dun dun! Tune in tomorrow for the 2nd half 😉


from left to right: July 2008 (before Nicaragua), 2nd two pictures-August-Sept 2008 (during the beginning of Nicaragua ), December 2008, last picture- July 2009